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Client Reviews

Rebecca is incredibly gifted at web design. It’s not just that she is a master of technology but she tailors her client’s needs to their budget, experience and ideas relating to their project. Her patience gave me the confidence to learn how to run my blog independently and write posts that reflect my visual and literary style. As a result of her invaluable input, I have won an award for my blog which reached a readership of over 14K within 8 months. I cannot thank her enough.
— Claire Crisp, Author of Waking Mathilda: A Memoir of Childhood Narcolepsy
Rebecca did great work for us on our new church website! We were challenged to figure out what we really needed in a timely manner, but Rebecca was patient with us and allowed us the space we needed to get the website up and running. We love the creativity she brings to the table, and the knowledge she is so generous to share. She gave us options according to our comfort level and needs, and together we came up with a website that immediately had an impact on our church community.”
— David Saltzman, Assistant Pastor, Verdugo Community Church
I was referred to Rebecca by a friend, and since I didn’t know much about web design, I wasn’t sure what to expect. As it turned out, I needn’t have worried. After sharing my vision, Rebecca took the initiative and designed my website, including several designs from which to choose. She went the extra mile and created an iMovie to help me navigate my website. As an editor with more experience with words than websites, I am grateful for Rebecca’s intuitive designs which allow for beauty, clarity, and ease of navigation.
— Marisela Miranda, Teacher, dancer, & editor
Rebecca has worked for myself and various non-profit leaders whom I admire. Her work ethic and loyalty are only matched by her competencies around creating websites for people that want to tell powerful stories. If you are considering a new website, hire Rebecca, she will do an exceptional job for you.
— Nick Warnes, Founder/Executive Director of Cyclical LA